Leonard Greycloud


sk & Leonard on the couch '92

sk & Leonardt Buffalo WY '93

Leonard visits Sandy Rogers '99

Leonard Greycloud was born in late March of 1992 at the Kings Canyon Lodge in the Sierra Mountains of California. His mother & grandmother are Australian Shepherds who live with the Australian family that operate the lodge during the summers.

When the Kings Canyon Park is closed during the winter, the family goes traveling and the dogs are left with a caretaker. When they returned that year, Leonard's mother had a litter of puppies. The identity of his father is not known. "Maybe he's a coyote" they said.

Leonard moved to the Napa Valley on May 10th,1992. He lives in Rutherford, at the bare bones studio, sharing the couch with his partner sk, a black lab mix named Daisy and 4 cats named Yosarian, Sciatica, Very Brave and Leon Redbone. It's a very big couch.

Leonard & JAKE on the couch '97

He attended the Napa Dog Club Obedience School for two and a half sessions, leaving mid session in protest over the racism practiced by the American Kennel Club. (While attending a field trial meet in Vallejo, as a spectator, he was ejected from the building because of his mixed breed lineage.) So much for formal training.

Leonard is primarily a scenic photographer, preferring black & white images, although he shoots mostly in color. He began taking pictures on his many trips around the West in order to record the landscapes that he saw and because they never had any postcards of the scenery that he liked the best.

Greycloud's work has been shown at the Diner in Yountville, and at the Mojave Desert Park Headquarters in Baker. A major collector of Leonard's work is The Turner Family Gallery in New York City. His photographs are on display in the lofts, offices, ranches and kitchens of his many friends and admirers throughout the land.